A quick “Google” search of “Sample Tracking Forensic DNA” yields lost of research opportunities to familiarize for this. Ther are peer reviewed journal articles that cover LIMS which have components of sample tracking you can utilize as well.
Pay attention to newsworthy articles. Create a tracking system that can be computerized that would allow anyone (Other analysts, States Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, Investigating Officers) to track the evidence submitted in a case from the submission through the analysis (Submission, Serology Screening, Extraction, Quantification, Amplification and Electrophoresis). This process will include the naming convention from evidence through sample injection. You will be expected to itemize and list the items and sub-items as you move through the analysis process.
You can build it in Excel with different tabs and use a word document to explain, you could design what it would look like and the flow in PowerPoint or Word as well, but you need to be detailed if so to understand all the important aspects. If you use Word make sure you use APA 7th edition format.