First, closely read the instructions for the Integrative Paper. Please note that a completed draft of this paper will be submitted for peer review in Week 13 and the final paper is due in Week 14. For this week, you are asked to submit a brief reflection paper that includes the following:
Discuss your initial thoughts about how you might best be able to utilize this assignment in a way that’s meaningful to you in regards to your current role and/or your intended area of social work practice.
Clearly articulate three specific learning goals applicable to your work on this paper that are meaningful to your own interests and plans.
Please note that the focus of your Integrative Paper in this course can be related to your capstone project if you so choose, but it is not required.
Please make this impactful and not so broad this needs to be more detailed and more advanced reflective answers. Also, a little about me is I am a social worker in a doctoral program. I am LGBTQIA bi-sexual male. I have my own therapy practice, and I am trying to learn more about how to integrate culture and diversity in my skills as a soon-to-be supervisor. Some thing I want to gain for this project is how to approach situations that are not mine more effectively, where I allow my supervisee to identify there strengths and skills in supervision. Again, how to integrate culture. and you can make up something else that is impact full. PLEASE PLEASE answer with strong detail and strong perspectives. This is less of a research paper and more of a reflective/ brief view that will open up to something bigger. I have attached what the big paper will be so you have an idea of what you need to do and the rubric of the big paper so that we follow in line to when we right the big paper everything will flow into the massive paper.