Respond the following questions. The responses should be
approximately 3/4 of a page to 1 page for each response
Question #1
•Are living organ donations ethical?
•Should organ donors be compensated similarly to those who
donate plasma or reproductive material?
•Which patient should be the priority when an organ becomes
available: the sickest and the ones suffering the most, or the healthiest and
the most likely to survive, or the one who has been waiting the longest?
•Who should receive the limited supply of transplantable
Question #2
Select two of the following mental disorders and discuss any
potential stigmas associated with it, possible signs and symptoms of illness,
treatment options and a few interesting facts.
•Alzheimer’s disease, a mental disorder marked by
alterations in thinking, especially forgetting
•Bipolar disorder
•Borderline personality disorder
•Major depression, a mental disorder largely marked by
alterations in mood
•Obsessive compulsive disorder
•Panic disorder
•Posttraumatic stress disorder
•ADHD and ADD are considered to be within the definition of
mental illness