This exercise will allow you to consider channel and persuasion and continues our discussion of writing that was started during class and in Forum 1. In this Forum, you will respond directly to an email composed for Forum 1 by one your section peers. You will take on a specific role as a store management team member. As this team member you will write an email in response to the message from the Director of Store Operations that you are encouraged to apply for a position on the New York City store opening team.
For this assignment:
Choose one (1) of the following voices to adopt for this email:
1.Store Manager – Recently married. No kids just a golden retriever. Your spouse also works at another BizCafe. You reside in Los Angeles, California.
2.Senior Store Manager – Married. Your partner has a high-profile job that is fully remote. Children are in middle school. You reside in Dallas, Texas.
3.Assistant Store Manager – Young and single. Avid snow skier. Avid sailor. You reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
You have three specific concerns related to the New York City opportunity. To prepare for the upcoming Zoom meeting, and to help your Director prepare, you feel compelled to respond to their email so that they will be able to come to the meeting with the answers that you and others will need.
You turn on your iPad and compose a concise but substantive response of 450–550 words to the Director’s email. Express your top 3 concerns with moving to New York City and why those issues could be a barrier to you applying. Be sure to consider the tone and style you use, as this is a conversation that could be volatile on both ends. Remember, you are writing as if you yourself are in one of the three positions outlined above.