As shown in the textbook and online readings, you have three primary techniques of using materials from sources: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing. Quoting is using information word for word, punctuation for pumctuation exactly the same as the original source. For most quoted materials, you will need to use quotation marks around the entire borrowed passage. If you are simply quoting a name or a number of some sort, you do not need to use quotation marks, although every time you borrow from a source you still need to cite that source in-text. Paraphrasing is taking the entire borrowed passage, including main point and evidence used by the original author (Do not quote a quote!), and put it into your own words by using your own language and syntax (changing the words and the order the information is presented), still citing the source you are paraphrasing. Summaries are similar to paraphrases in that you take the borrowed material from the source and put it into your own language and syntax, but a summary only identifies the main point of the passage, not the evidence the original authors used. As with quoting and paraphrasing, you will still cite your source. Each of these techniques is necessary in writing an effective research paper, but they are not all the same. Some times you will want to quote, at other times you will want to paraphrase, and at still other times you will want to summarize.
Please answer the following prompt:
When do you want to quote, when do you want to paraphrase, and when do you want to summarize? Each technique is useful in different circumstances within a research paper. What defines those circumstances?
For your answer, identify when you believe each technique is best. You will want to write at least 3 long sentences for the answer, one for each technique, although writing a short paragraph for each answer (3-4 sentences each) may be more effective.
Please review the textbook and online readings about using source material
Assignment Requirements
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