For this assignment, you need to choose a peer-reviewed applied linguistics research article on a topic of your choice. You will read this article carefully and then write a one-page summary of this article following this template:
The audience for your summary is a reader with a non-specialist background. Your summary should help a reader who does not have a background applied linguistics understand the key information from your research article.
When you write your summary, you must include the same sections (with section headings) as the template:
• Citation for the original article
• Title of your summary
• What this research was about and why it is important
• What the researchers did
• What the researchers found
• Things to consider
You may consult the two example summaries as models for writing your own summary:
OASIS Example_De Houwer et al_2014.pdf Download OASIS Example_De Houwer et al_2014.pdf
OASIS Example_Andringa et al_2011.pdf Download OASIS Example_Andringa et al_2011.pdf
When you submit your assignment, please submit BOTH your summary (in a Word or PDF document) and the research article you summarized (in a PDF document).