With a final survey in place, take the questions and conduct 10 surveys. You may choose to survey people you know or total strangers if you account for the type of sample (group of people) you use. The results of your individually-conducted 10 surveys are due on the discussion board by Sunday, September 25.
Please post all of the details of your data. For open-ended questions, make sure that you submit the full transcriipt for each response. For example:
Respondent #1:
1) A;
2) female;
3) sleeping;
4) As a result of 9/11 I’m afraid to fly;
5) yes
6) etc.
7) etc.

You would then do the same for the other nine respondents. This will allow for a more detailed analysis where cross-referencing between responses can be conducted (e.g. 80% of the women surveyed said that they are now afraid to fly, etc.).