Reaserch question is How effective are international organizations in the protection of human rights in Southeast Asia?
The paper needs approximately 16 peer-reviewed sources integrated into the paper smoothly and multiple times around.
The paper must look at how effective organizations such as the UN, World Bank, IMF, etc. are at upholding standards of human rights (i.e preventing genocides, etc.
Then you should break it down into further research goals of looking at what tools they use (foreign aid?), So the central question is
whether or not international organizations have had a positive effect on human rights in the region, and if so, or if not, why
There must be an explicit international dimension (i.e., it must involve interaction between
two or more states/nations/regions, or in the case of a single state/nation/region it must have an
explicit ‘external’–‘internal/domestic’ aspect).
1) Your essay should begin with an introduction that specifies the:
a. Research question/problem
b. Research objectives
c. Central thesis/argument, and
d. Scope of the research endeavor.
2) The main body of your essay should contain not only a description of the facts, but should
also offer an explanation of the problem/puzzle you have specified (based on your central
thesis/argument). Your analysis may also contain an element of prescription in which you outline
solutions to, or guidelines for, resolving the puzzle/problem(s) you have identified.
3) The conclusion should summarize the main findings of the essay by confirming, refining or
modifying your initial thesis/argument, and outlining the implications of your findings.