Training is a component of all successful businesses and property management/real
estate businesses are no different. By analyzing what is required in a training program, it
helps bring professionals up to speed who may have become complacent understanding
new laws, requirements or regulations and best practices. Training should be a top
priority and a training program should be developed for all new hires to learn the industry
and the company. For this assignment, work in your self-selected groups of three to four.
Research the regulations that all property management companies must follow. Based on
this research, create a “hand-out” that could be provided to new employees for quick
reference. In addition, create a PowerPoint presentation/Prezi presentation, that provides
in detail the rules and regulations that all employees involved in property management
need to know.
Powerpoint: 10 slides
Hand-out: Easy reference.
Please use Canadian Rules with the following as guides and references: