Answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS the questions asked about the chapters. If you have to cite be sure to give the proper citation. Do not give one sentence answers and do not rephrase the same answer different ways. Please be clear and answer every question. Each question takes about 300-400 words for a proper answer.
Question 1. 300-400 words
Question 2. 300-400 words
Question 3. 300-400 words
Question 4. 300-400 words
No need to change the format, please keep it the same as the pdf screen shot I attach, it’s not an essay just a simple question and answer response.
I have a copy of the book on my kindle account. If you cannot access the readings let me know and I will give you my login for kindle. The first reading is from the book “Communication in History: Stone Age Symbols to Social Media” by Peter Urquhart and Paul Heyer, pg. 73-75 (no specific questions, this section provides info that might help get a handle on this week’s wider topic).
The other reading, “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” by Nicholas Carr, ch. 4: The Deepening Page (answer all questions to question 1 and 2.
The last reading is an excerpt titled “The Rise of the Reading Public” by Elizabeth Eisentstein (answer all questions to question 3). If you cannot find these excerpts I can send you a pdf of them.