Read the book,Holding On Family and Fatherhood during Incarceration and Reentry by Tasseli McKay (Author), Megan Comfort (Author), Christine Lindquist (Author), Anupa Bir (Author) and write a scholarly book review. For this assignment, you must cite at least five peer-reviewed articles, not books, in your review. Your scholarly book review must be between 2,250 to 2,700 words. For this assignment, you need to do more than merely provide a synopsis of the book. Rather, provide a scholarly analysis of the book and explain what, if anything, it contributes to our understanding of correctional systems and practices. All scholarly book reviews will be submitted either by the student or the instructor to Safe Assign for originality in order to ensure that there are not any forms of plagiarism, either deliberate or accidental. It must be evident that all papers are original works. If the Safe Assign report reveals any evidence of plagiarism, the paper will not be graded and will be assigned a “zero Also, if a student fails to cite at least five peer-reviewed journal articles and include these in the references at the end of the book review, it will incur an automatic penalty of twenty points.