Read Chapter 15 and review the PowerPoint/Handout to prepare for this assignment.
Select a theoretical framework of change as discussed in the textbook. (Ex: Lewin; Lippit, Rogers, Havelock.)
Create a 10 slide PowerPoint, using three peer reviewed references (one reference can be your textbook). In the slide presentation, include the following points:
State why and how this theory could help you introduce a change initiative within your professional nursing career.
Explain the theoretical change you would like to make within your professional career. This change can involve your nursing role, the clients and families you work with, or the health care professionals with whom you work. The change does not have to be a major change; the primary focus is on the process and not the change.
Detail how you would use the steps or phases in the theory you chose to structure and develop your change.
Do you foresee any obstacles with the theoretical framework of change you chose in working within your professional nursing role? Explain your answer please.