You are conducting a history and physical assessment on an 85-year-old male client. The subjective information related to the heart and vascular system indicates the following:
The client reports that he has noticed over the past few days that he feels palpitations in his chest and sometimes feels light-headed and dizzy.
Objective findings confirm that the heart rate is elevated and you note an irregular rhythm. Orthostatic blood pressure readings include: lying 135/90, sitting 120/80, standing 100/60. The client becomes dizzy and light-headed as you have him go from a sitting to a standing position while taking the blood pressure.

In your response, address each of the following questions:
Explain the special considerations, such as the symptoms in the scenario above, that nurses should be aware of when assessing the heart and vascular system, interpreting finding, and planning nursing care for clients.
How would you interpret your findings in relation to the case scenario? What diagnoses are indicated related to the heart and vascular system?
Incorporate at least one professional, current (less than five years), evidence-based resource to support your response (include citations and references for sources using correct APA format).
Share your personal experiences with the history taking, physical assessment, and interpretation of findings related to the heart and vascular system in clients with special considerations:
What were the challenges?
How did you overcome these challenges?
Requires 4 credible references (APA 7th edition) to be cited to support your response. One must be a peer reviewed article.