Rapid Cycle Improvement
This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:
• Analyze healthcare dilemmas using Root Cause Analysis criteria.
• Develop a corrective action response to a healthcare dilemma.
• Recommend corrective action implementation steps for a healthcare dilemma.
Action Items
(This assignment is modified from the Chapter 11 Exercise 11.1 on p. 219 of your textbook.)
Read Exercise 11.1. on Page 219, Chapter 11 of text Spath, P. & Kelly, D. (2017). Answer the following questions based off of your reading of exercise 11.1 and Chapters 10 and 11.
o Describe how you would address the dilemma from an internal perspective.
o What change can I make that will result in improvement?
*** Please utilize the blue hyperlinks above for required reading for this module. Chapters 10&11 Spath, P. & Kelly, D. (2017).
**** Questions to be answered in the paper are in RED italics as always.
****I will provide my Franklin University Library login information as normal
***Please provide 2 scholarly references with URL at the end of each in reference list as always. Ending in .edu, .gov, etc. or our text reading or the resource provided in blue above
****Standard new APA 7 format with title headings and subheadings as necessary