As the Supply Chain Manager for XYZ Corporation, you are being tasked to source a new paper supplier located in Vienna, Austria. The paper will be shipped from Vienna, Austria to the manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, California.
Final Paper Assignment
Your task: Apply the material covered in Supply Chain Management to assist you developing the sourcing plan for the paper in Vienna, Austria.
1. Title page with student name, student ID, and class number
2. Develop a ‘supplier portfolio screening’ plan for XYZ Corp. with step-by-step timelines.
3. Create a ‘supplier selection criteria’ checklist to evaluate the supplier capabilities.
4. Define the Logistics plan from supplier to manufacturer:
• Define the modes of transportation planned + lead time for each mode
• Using a map, clearly display the geographic transportation route from Vienna to Los Angeles. (i.e. identify specific terminals, sea ports, airports, etc.)
• Explain the risks that could impact the logistics plan (i.e. why, where, what, how) 5. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic procurement with XYZ Corp.
6. Discuss the ‘SCM Software Execution Applications’ that you plan to use for successful delivery of paper from Vienna to Los Angeles.
7. Identify 3 supplier performance measures that will be critical to YOUR success. Explain WHY.
8. Both Citations and References are required. See the link below for examples.
• At least 3 external sources must be used to support your answers.