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Response 1.
Diana Lopez
Jul 26, 2022 at 07:22
Hello everyone! My name is Diana, and I am pursuing my BA in Early Childhood Education. I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. I live in Donna, Texas, and love to cook for my family and friends, and sing karaoke on my weekends. I am excited to start off this new course and can’t wait to acquire new knowledge. With our professor’s help, we will all get through this!
What is a growth mindset and how can you incorporate it into your learning process?
To have a growth mindset, one must not give up once one makes a mistake. Learning from it and believing that one can and will do better is a growth mindset. I understand that there may be times when I may not fully understand what I am assigned but reaching out to my professor or peers will help me better understand. Having a growth mindset means knowing failure is just a simple stepping stone to perfecting your knowledge and your success is only as big as your future plans.
What kind of struggles have you encountered so far in your education and how did you overcome these difficulties?
At first, I decided to work on my schoolwork in the evenings but found that I was missing out on my family time. My four-year-old who is a momma’s boy, I’ll admit, noticed how my attention was on my work than on him, and sometimes he would just sit there and fall asleep while waiting for me to finish my schoolwork. I decided to get to work an hour early Monday through Friday and work on my schoolwork so I can have time for my family in the evenings and weekends. It has been a success, and my grades reflect how this strategy was beneficial.
Based on what you saw in the video and read in the article, what advice would you give future students about developing a growth mindset and overcoming difficulties?
If you do not understand an assignment, reach out to your professor for advice. Even though it was said that this class may be a little difficult, not a single statement in the video said it was impossible. Believe in yourself as much as others believe in you. Sometimes it is ok to take a breather if you cannot understand something. Take a 15-minute break, and then start off once again with a fresh mind.
Response 2.
Alyssa Navarrete
Jul 26, 2022 at 12:30
Hello everyone.
A growth mindset is believing one can achieve a set goal through hard work. I can incorporate this into my learning process by setting aside time to read and review the required resources and tackle coursework whenever the time is available for me to do so.
So far, in my education, the main struggles I have had are time management and keeping my concentration while reading and writing.
Based on what I saw in the video and what I read in the article, I can say that my struggles are shared with other students. Also, with the help and advice received by other students and my professors, I can be motivated and questions will be answered to the best ability.
At first, I was skeptical about this subject and how I will perform, but I’m excited to learn about cultural anthropology and what knowledge I can carry along with me.
Good luck everyone. I look forward to getting to know you all better.