Purpose: To discuss 1-2 key health policy issues using comparative insights from 2 films from the course in a clear, succinct manner. This is the first of two policy responses: the film response.
Instructions: There are three films in the course: The Power to Heal, The Healthcare Divide, and Critical Care in Module 1. You will select two of these three films for your 400-450 word response that addresses 1-2 key issues in health policy. You should draw on comparisons/contrasts between the films and link your discussion to two relevant references from peer-reviewed literature (may be a paper from the course, or additional relevant literature). Although it is not required, you may also add a brief reflection on what was most helpful for your learning about policy issues from the event/film/lecture.
The two peer reviewed references should be in APA format. No cover page is needed.
Criteria for policy response – Response is well structured, discusses 1-2 key health policy issues from 2 films in clear, succinct manner, discusses the comparisons/contrasts between the films, uses 2 relevant references to enhance discussion.
Please read these additional notes:
– links to the films (please let me know if the links dont work, each film is about 45-50 mins long)
– film #1 Critical care, America vs the world: https://youtu.be/BytzrjEfyfA
– film #2 the healthcare divide: https://youtu.be/UVvEkeH4O8o
– film #3 power to heal bulfrog productions: http://docuseek2.com.proxy1.library.jhu.edu/cart/product/1778
– uploaded is the rubric to this assignment
– brief overview of the films and this module #1: Advanced Nursing Health Policy! This is the first of 8 modules in our journey to explore critical issues in health policy and nursing’s role in policy and advocacy. In this module we discuss what we mean by health, healthcare, and health policy. We will take a broad approach and explore the social and structural determinants of health and healthcare systems and the importance of policy in shaping them. We will examine how policies play a key role in creating, reproducing, and challenging health inequities. We explore the intersecting global and local threats that our health faces and the need for urgent policy action to address them. Throughout the course we will argue that nursing has a central role in shaping health policy – writ large.
– Brief overview on the films: Power to Heal addresses how US health policy has always been tied to social inequities and social movements to address them. Critical Care provides a comparative examination of the US healthcare system in the context of other wealthy nations. Finally, The Healthcare Divide explores inequities in the US healthcare system that have deepened during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will select two of these three films to explore a health policy issue in your first Policy Response assignment due at the end of this module.
– uploaded are the 3 articles assigned to read for this assignment, these articles can be used for this assignment as it is stated in the direction above “link your discussion to two relevant references from peer-reviewed literature (may be a paper from the course, or additional relevant literature).”