Please watch the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and submit a 1-2 page discussion related to the following questions. Please don’t only review what happened in the movie. Thanks.
What is ‘crazy’? Who do you think is mentally ill and why?
What does the hospital do that abuses the rights of the patients?
What is Nurse Rached’s care philosophy?
What do you think she does right? Wrong?
What is the societal view of mental illness in the time period in which the movie is set?
Has it changed? How?
What goes on during Group Therapy?
What is its function?
Why would the voluntary patients decide to stay?
What are the consequences of years of institutionalization?
How could you apply what you have learned in this movie to your clinical experiences in this class?
There were some adds and it opens a new tab. Close them and the movie plays for free.