Please see the Worksheet assignment in Uni 1 in the Overview tab, called Communication and the Self. You can refer to both the lecture
from Unit 1, along with use of our textbook, which can be found in the Resources tab, to answer all questions. If you don’t see the content in our textbook or from the lecture to help you best answer some of the questions, you are encouraged to go beyond these resources,
and use Google search, to help you to seek the answer that best explains your understanding of the question.
In answering each question, I am looking for you to include where your information came from, why you believe it is the best answer
possible, and a life scenario and/or example that further supports your explanation.
You must include both the question provided, and the answer that follows. Only submitting the answer is unacceptable.
All assignments submitted must be typed…handwritten is also not acceptable.