Please follow the instructions: If you do not
anything about the subject, please do not take
on the assignment. Please read all instructions
carefully. Please
recheck your work before you submit it to the
client. Please
do not submit a paper to me that has errors,
such as
run-on sentences and grammar errors.
Please Notice: I do not need a cover page unless
I ask for one.
I only need two to three sources unless I ask
for four references.
Please do not input 2 references on any of the
I only need one source for each page.
Topic Creative Approach and Brainstorming Nominal
Group Techniques
In 2 full pages, discuss the following:
of the creative approaches suggested in the text—brainstorming, nominal group
pro-con discussion, creative questioning, analogous thinking, and
generating scenarios—are used or could be used in your organization?
any of these are not used, why do you believe they are not incorporated?
Must provide substantial information to fully address each
All information gathered from sources must be
cited in 7th edition APA format.
Please do not use .com as a resource. The names of journals in the reference section need to be
No Plagiarism, Please
I need a Plagiarism report
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Without Checking for the mistake