Please answer ONE of the following questions with a minimum word count of around 400 (not including quotes). Make sure to make these appropriately personal and also to reference the resources often to back up your points. Referencing the resources is a very important component of these assignments, so please make sure that you include something specific and names of resources (see my sample below).
Answer ONE of the following questions:
In this week’s resources, you were introduced to the many hardships that the Jewish people have had to go through over the years. Please list the hardships you learned about. How can you see their faith and beliefs playing a role in helping them through hard times? What does this make you think about the power of human belief in general?
What are some of the things that stood out to you in your reading of Genesis and the article highlighting some of the current scholarly research surrounding some of the major themes of these stories? What did you think about the things that you learned from this article?
Choose your own adventure! Tell us 2 new or interesting things that you learned from the resources this week, why they stood out to you, and how they relate to your understanding of yourself and your world.
I chose question ONE from the above questions and below are the links to this week’s resources:

The Temple and its Destruction

Overview: Women in Traditional Jewish Sources