Place the Korean War in the context of the Cold War. How and why did President Truman respond as he did? How and why did he change American war aims?
Make sure you address both what our aims were in Korea and why the Cold War provoked us into action.
Primary sources: Truman Doctrine or“ Statement by the President, Truman on Korea,” June 27, 1950. Links to both are included in this modules.
In 5-8 paragraphs (about 700-1000 words)
– Who, What, When, Why and Repercussions
-points–who were the key actors
-points-when did it take place (you have time to look it up, i want exact years)
-points-Who or what was the focus of the action
-points-WHY did the actors choose that course of action
-points–what were the repercussions?
– Use of material and proper citation (Chicago Manual of Style with Footnotes)
– Mechanics and style. You need a strong thesis sentence backed up by supporting paragraphs