2: Treasury Yield Curves (weight 40% of
the project grade).
Based on the course material
presented in weeks 2 and 4.
this part of the project we will be using the U.S. Treasury Department website. It is useful site for obtaining actual
Treasury yield data.
Create the table with the interest rates data for
Treasury yield curve for the following five days. You can simply copy-paste the
data for these dates. Present the data in your project as a table.
a. 01/02/2001
2022: the last available business day
2. Create
the graphs in Excel and include them in your project.
3. Contrast the
yield curves data for these five business days. What curve(s) can be considered
normal curve(s)? Inverse curve(s)? Flat curve(s)?
4. Compare
long-term and short-term interest rates for each curve. What do yield
curves say about long-term versus short-term interest rates?
5. The yield
curve’s shape and level change due to a variety of monetary, economic, and
political factors. What factors could account for this difference in
shapes of the curves and in level and spread of interest rates?
6. Using the
forecast of economic trends and interest rates you found in part 1 of the
project, what shape of Treasury yield curve and the level of interest rates do
you expect to see in the short-term and in the long-term?
Part 3: Reflection
(5% of the project grade).
Write a paragraph in your own words reflecting on what they learned from
the assignment and how you think you could apply what they learned in the
workplace or in their everyday life.
Presentation of Paper and Writing (15% of the project grade):
Organization, format, and presentation of paper
including the title page, introduction, body, and summary.
Begin each section with a subheading; use the subheadings described in the
assignment (4% of the project grade).
Use of tables, figures, and other graphics to summarize
and support analysis presented in the paper. All tables and charts should have
the numbering system: “Table 1”, a substantive title, and a reference to the
source of the information. (3% of the project grade).
Logical and smooth flowing transitions and relationships
among sections of the written report (3% of the project grade).
Research sources and significance of research information
and data, and use of APA citation methodology (5% of the project grade).