Part of the mission of your independent, nonprofit news organization is advocacy for underrepresented groups in society and changes in government policies to support social justice causes. It is critical for organizations to help advocate for groups in society that have historically been underrepresented.
Your manager at your independent, nonprofit news organization wants you to write an article that advocates for social justice changes by showing the impact of social justice and diversity on different stages of human development.
You should use the social justice movement you selected for your Week 3 assignment.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word article that addresses the following:
Define social justice. Consider what makes up a just society. You may utilize the definition from your Week 3 assignment but do not use it verbatim. (NEEDS CITED WORK)
Discuss how you can identify social injustice and what is just and what is unjust or unfair. (NEEDS CITED WORK)
Select 3 of the 8 different stages of development using Erikson’s model of psychosocial development (I would suggest some of the upper-level stages to make the next topic more accomplishable) and summarize common psychological development or changes that occur in each stage. (NEEDS CITED WORK)
Assess how social justice and diversity can impact psychological development at each of your 3 chosen stages, including examples of psychological impacts. (NEEDS CITED WORK)
Explain the role of advocacy in the social justice movement you selected. (NEEDS CITED WORK)
Based on the impacts on psychological development from the social justice movement you selected, discuss how advocacy can help an individual feel valued and understood. (NEEDS CITED WORK)
Utilize a minimum of 1 peer-reviewed resource and cite accordingly