Part 1: Staff Orientation Process and Ongoing Staff Development (20 points)
Using the information in your text and in the State of Indiana licensing guidelines, create a list of topics that you would include in orientation to your program for new classroom staff. Look at 470 IAC 3-4.7-32 and decide what would need to be covered before staff starts working with children and what would be part of ongoing training. Be sure to include all of the topics required by licensing that would be covered during the orientation process. When you format the list, include the timeframe for completion (what would be done the first day, the first week, within the first 30 days, etc.)
In addition, write a paragraph explaining the process of orientation for your program. Who would meet with the new staff person for each orientation topic (the director, curriculum specialist, supervisor, mentor, another lead teacher, etc.)? How long would the process of orientation take? How would you ensure that the new staff member feels welcome and fully informed about his/her position?
Then, using the information from your text and your readings and State of Indiana licensing (470 IAC 3-4.7-35), create a procedure for ongoing staff development for classroom staff in your center. List the required training hours and annual topics for all staff (this list should match the list found in licensing, but may include additional topics related to your program and/or curriculum). Explain how the staff would receive this training (at the center? On their own? During staff meetings, etc.). Include other options for staff development, including attendance in college ECE courses, workshops, staff meetings, etc. Include procedures for staff to gain tuition reimbursement or paid registration if provided by the program.
Part 2: Staff Evaluation (20 points)
Using the information from your text and readings, develop a system for ongoing staff evaluation. How often will staff members meet with their supervisors? Who is responsible for staff evaluation, and who will be involved in staff evaluation? How will the job description be used in staff evaluation? Is there a self-evaluation component to this process? How will the evaluation plan relate to the staff person’s job description? What is the purpose of the evaluation (will raises be involved? Will this lead to promotions?) Include in your plan a section on goal setting and a section on how evaluation information will be used to individualize training for each staff member. If a staff member is not successfully meeting the responsibilities in the job description, what type of action or remediation plan would be developed?