This is the second part of the assignment.
Step 1: Fix any errors from Part 1, so that you can retain all points related to APA style.
Step 2: Review the assignment’s Instructions & Guidelines.
Step 3: Read the research study, “U.S. Technologists’ Radiation Exposure Perceptions and Practices (Links to an external site.)” (pages 313-320 only – starting with the Methods section, this is a continuation from essay part 1 step 1).
Step 4: Address the questions mentioned in Box 17.1, p. 239; (Links to an external site.)to fully address each question, review the explanations on pages 239-242.
Step 5: Check out the Helpful Hints resource.
Step 6: Review Article 1 Critique: Grading Rubric (below). Ask questions early by contacting me via course mail.
Step 7 (optional): Submit your paper to the online writing center for feedback.
Step 8 (optional): Get in-text citation help by chatting with a librarian at and review your paper using the APA 7 checklist Download APA 7 checklist.
Step 9: Submit your paper for grading.
Unicheck is a program Valencia College subscribes to that will review your paper’s content once you have submitted it. Unicheck is only as good as its programming, so it might be helpful to step away from your writing for an hour, then come back to re-read, make updates that are needed as directed in Step 8, and then submit your work.
Step 10: Review your Unicheck score (this takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to post). Check out this article about how to view the Unicheck report (Links to an external site.). Check out this article about reading the Unicheck reports (Links to an external site.). If Unicheck score is above 16%, check out why, and then fix the problem. You will receive a zero on the paper for outright plagiarism or for not attributing the information to the source through the use of in-text citations. Remember to practice paraphrasing as the use of direct quotes results in points off.
Step 11: You are provided with two opportunities to submit your paper, the second time allows you to make the changes after receiving your Unicheck report and reviewing your score above 8%. You are not able to make changes and resubmit your paper for a higher grade.