Paper #2 Poetry: 3-4 pages; 12, Times New Roman Font; typed and double spaced 15% of
overall grade.
Prompt: Choose one of the assigned poems or poets, and analyze the speaker’s conflicted
emotions about the poem’s subject. Consider the use of diction (word choice/connotation
associated with the words chosen), syntax (sentence structure and punctuation), use of
analogies (metaphors and similes used).
This is another analysis; seek tutoring or submit a first draft if you need help. Also, please see
the help provided. **If you do research outside of the text itself, you must cite your sources both
in-text and in a Works Cited or it is plagiarism.
*Please read all of the poems before choosing your topic.
They are all pretty short, except for “Prufrock.” You are expected to use direct quotes from the
text. You may also use any commentaries or outside sources, but this is not required.
Grading Criteria: Papers are evaluated individually, using accepted collegiate standards for
effective writing. The following are the basic criteria:
*All papers must be typed in size 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced, standard margins
1. Clearly articulated thesis, focus, or main idea
2. Organized, cohesive paragraphs, which develops the thesis
3. A conclusion, which follows logically from the evidence and is more than merely a
restatement of the thesis
4. Observance of the rules of standard American English—sentence structure, grammar, usage,
punctuation, and mechanics
5. Proper use of borrowed material and proper MLA documentation of sources
*Watch and/or read “Afro-Latina”
*Watch “Straight People”
*Read “Barbie Doll”
*Jason Reynold’s “For Everyone”
Langston Hughes:
“Let America be America Again”
“Mother to Son”
Alice Walker:
“Be Nobody’s Darling”
William Blake’s:
“The Lamb”
“The Tyger”
Gwedelyn Brooks:
“The Mother”
Lawrence Ferlinghetti:
“The World is a Beautiful Place”
Sylvia Plath:
“Morning Song”
T.S. Eliot “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
d-prufr ock