Almost overnight, programs, schools, and universities were forced to embrace the transition of on-ground instruction to either completely or partially virtual environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Teräs et al., 2020). Teaching and learning, especially in this advanced technological era, have driven educators to search for tools that could enhance the delivery of their instruction. Web tools that encourage student engagement, improve student collaboration, and even support peer feedback are a necessity in the current field of education.
Today’s process of teaching and learning entails mobile and online applications which has boosted communication amongst students and teachers beyond physical classrooms.The use of online collaboration learning tools help to develop academic writing skills for ESL learners’ and EFL learners’ motivation, positive performance and their writing self-efficacy dimensions.
Padlet ( is a web 2.0, bulletin board-like platform where digital content is placed by anyone, for anyone, from anywhere (Padlet, add reference). This paper will explore support for Padlet in language learning classrooms as a means of developing and enhancing students’ writing skills, increase their motivation and learning potential.