Organizational Analysis: Defining the Organization Utilizing the Cultural
Theories Lens
This portion of the case study assignment will require you to apply the Cultural
Theories lens to your organization. This enables you to make sense of the
organization in a general way before turning to the specific problem within the
organization which you identified in the Problem Proposal Assignment.
A Proposal Assignment was done within the proposal I talk about: There has been an issue of women quitting engineering
courses in the university before graduating, whereby some change careers or
quit education completely. According to the university’s report, more black
women quit than white women. There have been effective reforms at the elementary
and high school levels. However, the Prod educational agency tried similar reforms
at Enten University, but these interventions did not show any substantial
Women not only quit at
higher education level, but they continue quitting in the profession. Sibley
(2016) confirms that nearly 40% of women graduates in the engineering field quit
or never enter the profession. There are fewer role models in STEM (science,
technology, engineering, and math) where male-dominated cultures do not support
women working in engineering. Few women are working in the engineering field,
especially mechanical and electrical. Thus, only men are seen in instances
where there is an award for any achievement in the field. So, there are not
enough women to inspire girls that it is possible to excel in engineering.
Moreover, in a dominating male culture like among blacks, men do not offer
support to women who want to excel in engineering.