Outline Improvements
Please complete the following steps for your discussion post and response. 
Now that you have drafted an outline addressing Program Objectives 1-3, you should have a general “feel” for how your project will come together.
Explain any “ah-ha” moments experienced during the outline development process.
What improvements do you intend to focus on when outlining Program Objectives 4-7 this week?
Health Sciences Program Objectives 4 – 7
PO 4-7 will be addressed in the Unit 4 assignment, Outline Part II. As in Unit 3, it is essential to reflect on how a capstone research topic aligns with and/or supports these areas of health sciences. Review the following POs and reflective questions to help build this week’s outline. These are designed to generate creative thought and may not apply to all topic selections.
PO4. Create evidence-based, theory-informed decisions for dynamic situations within complex health care systems.
What actions are you recommending be taken within your topic/project? Are those supported by evidence of past research and success?
What theories are informing your analysis and recommendations?
PO5. Demonstrate information literacy in the health sciences field.
What is your understanding of scholarly research relevant to your topic?
PO6. Formulate effective, stakeholder-informed prevention and health promotion strategies to advance community health outcomes.
What solutions are possible to address the health issue identified within your topic?
How does collaboration between stakeholders drive innovation and health improvements?
PO7. Articulate ethical values and practices to health-related decision making and problem solving.
What ethical considerations are relevant to your topic?
What ethical theories apply to the situations within your topic?
What advice can you offer your peers to support their research process?
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.
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