Part 2: Purpose
Before the next step, where you will begin to identify relevant research to determine the truthfulness of your assigned claim, this activity will assist you in narrowing and refining the scope of your search. You will answer a series of questions designed to assist you in specifying a set of general operational definitions for the variables in your claim and articulating the relevant sample/s of interest.
Part 2: Instructions
Answer all of the questions in the RP#1 – Part 2: Operationalize Your Claim Worksheet. Your answers can be brief and bullet points are fine.
You should discuss your answers to each question with your group members. This is a collaborative assignment – which means that you are producing the answers (including the specific wording/language) together! You should write your answers right into this worksheet.
To submit your finished assignment, save your work as a Word or PDF document. Make sure all 4-5 group members’ names are included on the worksheet. Upload this to the submission link in the Recitation Blackboard page.
Each group member should submit a completed worksheet. If you worked together with your group members, you can each submit the same document (you all contributed to it!).