Once you have finished your draft and peer reviews, you should undergo the revision process– taking into account the feedback your peers gave you and the insight gained from the week’s lectures and readings. You will need to submit your final draft of the anecdote (400-800 words) and your editing notes (about 250 words). Your editing notes should be at the end of your anecdote and are not included in the assignment’s word count. You should explain what you changed about your writing and why.
The draft is right here-
I love the show The Simpsons due to the fact that it is a cartoon show that focuses on social satire. I enjoy it, though, because it’s simultaneously snarky and humorous. In today’s society, people are fascinated with their personal lives, and The Simpsons never fail to use metaphors to show us that social behavior. This prediction’s accuracy in predicting some notable occurrences has also contributed to its recent popularity. The point is that I adore this show, including its background characters, its main characters, both the A and B plots of the episodes, the animation, the itchy and crackly show, and how it can be funny, sad, happy, and heartwarming, and how it covers every thought and feeling that falls anywhere in between. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Matt Groening for creating such an endearing cartoon that has provided me with a second family and is, without a doubt, one of my favorite animated shows of all time.
It’s an oversimplification, but it does serve as a metaphor for the show’s obsessive level of attention to detail. I find it hilarious that no one else in the town has hair as crazy as Marge’s, the way that it curls up when she puts it in a nightcap or when she rides in the car. When Mr. Burns arrives at their house in the helicopter in the episode “Last Exit to Springfield,” I think it’s hilarious that they cut off a portion of it. I absolutely adore the fact that Bart’s head crown may sometimes serve the purpose of his head and other times serve the purpose of his hair, such as when it is styled for church or a formal meal
Here are my peer reviews feedbacks-
This story was pretty interesting. At first, I thought that Joy was blind. This reminded me of a show I started watching on Netflix. There was a blind girl who ended up being able to see and trying to escape from being held hostage. The turning point in the story moved my brin to another image as you mentioned the walls and portal. this seems very magical but still realistic in a way. I most definitely wouldn’t mind reading the full story. Good work.
I believe the author was trying to achieve a captivating story that was tragic and turned out with happiness. The author achieved this goal by describing the exact area the main character was in. The author did an amazing job of letting us create an image in our head of what the main characters home looked and felt like. By using a dialogue that goes back and forth between character, it allows the readers to understand more of the story. I truly see nothing in the story that detracts from the main view. It is a well written story that just needs a few grammatical corrections.
I would love to read more of this story due to the interest you have caught , even through in media res. It is very difficult to write a story starting in the middle and making complete sense. The author did an excellent job of creating a story, making sense and telling specifics. I would love to hear the full story, great work.