Formulate an informed position based upon previous reading and study
Develop an argument using logic and other appeals
Synthesize sources to defend own position
Paraphrase, summarize, quote and document sources
Reread the articles between pages 308-321 about social networking and technology privacy threats. After reading the five sources provided between those pages, write an Argument Synthesis Essay about one of the textbook articles and another online source (that you locate on your own) that discusses the same topic.
After evaluating the articles and developing your own perspective of the central topic, use the subject matter discussed in the two articles to help you argue an original point about social media or technology privacy. More specifically, you will compose an arguable thesis about social media or technology privacy, but you will use the support of two articles to lend credibility to your claim. According to the synthesis concept described in Practical Argument between pages 325-327, you can “combine summary, paraphrase, and quotation from several sources with your own ideas to support an original conclusion” (325). In a nutshell, that is your goal for this new paper assignment.
Audience Tip: As a way to help you enhance the purpose of your paper, you could choose to direct your paper at a specific reading audience, like parents, new college students, new social media users, or another relevant party. With the knowledge you have gained from reading and critiquing multiple essays about social networking privacy, what do you believe __________ should know before they enter the social networking universe?
Approximately 1000 words, plus a Works Cited page in MLA Format. Don’t forget your in-text citations!
Take advantage of the grade commentary you received on your first essay of the semester: The Rhetorical Analysis Essay. The goal for every paper is to see how you respond to and use the constructive criticism received to enhance your writing over time!
To gather ideas for your Argument Synthesis, please take advantage of the previous Discussion Board posts and Assignments you have completed for Unit 2. Many of those exercises have asked you to engage readings relevant to this assignment as well as to practice skills necessary to succeed on this new paper.
Please review the MLA formatting videos for document design and Works Cited page creation tutorials.
To make sure your paper meets the expectations for this assignment, review the page with “Tips for the Argument Synthesis Essay” that follows and consider the grading rubric for the assignment included in this weekly folder.