Theatre: The Lively Art
by Edwin Wilson
DIRECTIONS: After reading chapters 10, 12, 14, and 16. Create a fully developed response to each questions below. This is not an essay and does not have a word count requirement.
Chapter 10
Discuss the ways that different types of light can be used to set mood. What kind of light they would use in particular situations, such as a romantic dinner, a child’s birthday party, a nightclub dance floor, etc. Examine how the use of color, intensity, and other elements contributes to the effect.
Chapter 12
Compare the tradition of bunraku, with its musicians and chanter, with the Greek tradition of the chorus. How are they similar? How are they different?
Chapter 14
Because there is strict control over what is allowable on television, double entendre is a major part of situation comedy. Discuss examples of television shows that employ this technique quite often.
Chapter 16
Performance art is sometimes “like a continually transforming collage.” Does this form bear any relation to the style and form of the music video? Has music video changed the way that we look at art? Does it make traditional theatre forms seem too slow? Has it affected the way that we process information?