1. Reading Assignment

a. Chief Marketing Officer Role & Responsibilities – see attachment
b. Business Model Definitions – see attached Nov 23 2016 doc
c. Article Drexel “Balance Sheet Flexibility” – see attached Jan 2016.doc
d. Financials Adv Prep Nflx FB PG – see attached PDF contains Financial Data for Netflix, Facebook and Proctor & Gamble
2. Questions for you as a Chief Marketing Officer of Netflix:

1. Given your CMO responsibilities (per above), how do you impact the business model of Netflix? Use the Attached e. “Financials Adv Prep Nflx FB PG” Page 1 of 7 to describe.

2. Why is a healthy business model important?

3. How would you financially determine the health of your company’s business model, if you only have 5 minutes?

4. Why is balance sheet flexibility important?