Minimum Requirements: your exam must be typed
(Times New Roman, 12 type size), double-spaced, 1and 1/4-inch margins, spell
checked, and proof read. You will be
writing ONE of the following essays. The page minimum for your essay is at
least three pages, the maximum page limit is six pages.
A. Working
with Chapters 10 and 11, along with videos, and Lesson Folder notes,
write an essay on the origins of European colonization in Africa. What factors
make European colonization possible at this point in history? Make sure your
essay addresses the following issues:
1 Europe’s new imperialism and scientific
racism, technological advances, market revolutions, and consider African
resistance to colonization.
2. Choose three specific African nations to use as case
studies and analyze their colonization experiences. Were they under direct rule
or in-direct rule? How did that affect their experiences? How did your chosen
colonies resist or survive under colonial rule? Why did you choose these
specific colonies to analyze?
3. Provide a brief
review of the of the current/modern state of the African nations you chose
post-independence. You
will need to review the status of your chosen states in Chapters 15/16.
Key Terms
direct rule
indirect rule
warrant chief
Niger Scheme
Natives Land Act
native reserve
chibaro contract
White Highlands
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
shebeen queen
Scramble for Africa
Berlin Conference
Maxim gun
Battle of Adwa
Anglo-Boer War
Red Rubber
Hut Tax War
Maji Maji Rebellion
Herero genocide
Mad Mullah