1. Research guest speaker Kelly Huang’s CPA background: Google her, read her bio on LinkedIn, look at the companies she’s worked for including her current company BPM. She will be speaking about technical and startup accounting. Think about what experiences and expertise she might have relevant to what you are studying in this course, and how you can learn from her.

2. Prepare at least 2 questions based on this speaker’s particular expertise that you feel will help you and your classmates better progress towards our course learning objectives. Review “How to Ask Good Questions” PDF before getting started. Test your questions against that criteria before submitting them. Note, for the purpose of this assignment, career path and career advice questions, such as “Why did you decide to get a CPA?” are not relevant to our learning objectives.

3. Upload your 2 well-articulated questions or use a text entry to canvas. (It’s fine to include more than 2, I will score the best 2). Your question set must be posted by 5pm the day before the speech, so I have time to consolidate them into an interview outline for the speaker.

Due: Question sets due 5:00pm day BEFORE class of guest lecture.