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Overview: The Kidney Foundation of Ohio (KFNO) stated in their current grant that they would write and distribute several magazine/newspaper style articles to stakeholders. The goals of distributing such regular articles to stakeholders are for KFNO to increase stake holders’ knowledge and awareness of KFNO and to establish the foundation as a source of reliable and valid information regarding kidney disease. These articles are essentially a mini-review of current statistics and published literature written in an appealing, interesting, and relevant way.
Target Audience: The primary target audience for these papers will be the stakeholders of KFNO – mostly renal professionals working in dialysis centers, public health departments, and other agencies and organizations that may serve patient afflicted with kidney disease. These papers are not being written for patients and their families. The target audience is a professional target audience, not the lay public.
The Topics: The four topics that will be addressed first are:
Kidney Disease: The Silent Killer
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Kidney Disease
Patient Adherence: The “X” Factor in Kidney Disease Outcomes
The Impact of Dietary Behavior on Chronic Kidney Disease
Authors: With coaching and supervising from our two graduate students and our faculty, each undergraduate student on the current KFNO team will be required to write one of these articles and bring it to the point where it can be distributed by email and postal mail. Articles shall be selected by students on a first-come, first-serve basis. The writing quality must be perfect since the article represents KNFO.
Specifications: The papers should meet the following specifications:
Remember your target audience – renal professionals with some degree of clinical training. Aim for a high school graduate reading level.
Please type in Times New Roman, 12’ font
Single spaced
Once inch margins all the way around
Pages numbered sequentially in the top right-hand corner (but not on page one)
Topic of paper as a header on all pages (expect page one)
No more than 1000 words (not including references)
Use correct APA Version 7.0 format for all citations and references
Citations/references should be no older than three years old (2017), unless the article is some type of seminal article that is part of telling the history of something.
Use End Note to keep track of references