Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Community Research
Purpose: The Community Research Assignment is grounded in the belief that critical
thinking is indeed grounded in critical action. Students gain experience in working with
local and regional community members in a community-based learning environment
inspired to create a new critical conscience on history, media, and culture.
Skills and Application: This online assignment will assist students in practicing the
following skills that are key to college success and success in professional life:
Application: (the intentional learning strategy of connecting one idea with another
to form either a different interpretation or complementary interpretation of an
event, idea, or condition) of specific course terms and concepts
used in major formative assessments (discussion boards and classroom
Integration: (uniting one or more ideas expressed in a specific course reading,
a film, speech, broadcast, and/or public performance to course content)
Knowledge: This online assignment will also assist students in becoming familiar with
the following essential content knowledge expressed by the Humanities (as a
–Use of proper APA citation guidelines for capturing direct quotes.
–Apply evidence from a specific reading- developed claim or argument.
–Essay format –doubled-spaced utilizing at least a 12-point font size
–3-4 pages (810 words ) reference and title page would not be counted in total word count
Directions: Attend a community-sponsored film or cultural event. The event may include
but is not limited to the greater academic community.
Apply at least three relevant /significant course terms or concepts to the observation /
Community Online or In-Person Scheduled Event (for example, cultural festival)
Community Online or In-Person Discussions (for example, film screening)