Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
For this assignment, you write your own qualitative study critique (similar to what you did in Week 12 for the quantitative study critique, only this time critiquing a qualitative research study) on one of the studies provided to you.
Choose one qualitative journal article from this list: (see attachment for articles).
Biezen, R., Grando, D., Mazza, D., & Brijnath, B. (2019). Visibility and transmission: complexities around promoting hand hygiene in young children: A qualitative study (PDF).BMC Public Health, 19(1), no pages.
da Silva Lins, H. N., Macêdo Paiva, L. K., Gonçalves de Souza, M., Cassimiro Lima, R. M., & Albuquerque, N. L. A. (2019). Experiences in women’s care: Doulas’ perception (PDF). Journal of Nursing UFPE / Revista de Enfermagem UFPE, 13(5), 1264–1269.
Mele, B., Goodarzi, Z., Hanson, H. M., & Holroyd-Leduc, J. (2019). Barriers and facilitators to diagnosing and managing apathy in Parkinson’s disease: A qualitative study (PDF).BMC Neurology, 19(1), no pages
Assignment Instructions
Read your selected journal article entirely.
Analyze the journal article and use the specific questions that are outlined in Gray & Grove (2020) found on pages 542 through 546 to construct your analysis of your chosen qualitative research study. (See textbook pdf link https://essayzilla.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/…
You have many questions to address in your assignment this week. They should be in complete sentences (i.e., bullet point responses are not acceptable).APA format is required in your assignment Microsoft Word document. Page length, excluding the title and references list, five pages.