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This is the case study analysis paper—MUST READ FIRST
67-year-old female presents with chief complaint of shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, unintentional weight loss, and mild numbness in her feet. She states she feels unsteady when she walks. PMH includes hypothyroidism well controlled on Synthroid 100 mcg/day. No hx of HTN or CHF.
Vital signs: Temp 98.7 F, pulse 118, Respirations 22, BP 108/64, PaO2 95% on room air.
Physical exam revealed pale, anxious female appearing older than stated years.
HEENT- pale conjunctiva of eyes and pale palate. Tongue beefy red and slightly swollen with loss of normal rugae. Turbinates pale but no swelling. Thyroid palpable but no nodules felt. No lymph nodes palpated.
Cardiac-regular rate and rhythm with soft II/VI systolic murmur. Respiratory- lungs clear with no adventitious breath sounds. Abdomen-soft, non-tender with positive bowel sounds. Liver edge palpated two finger breadths below right costal margin. Lab data- hgb, hct, reticulocyte count, serum B12 levels low, mean corpuscle volume, plasma iron, and ferritin levels high, folate, TIBC are normal.
In your Case Study, write a 2 page analysis explaining the following:
Anemia and the different kinds of anemia (i.e., micro and macrocytic)
Develop a 2-page case study analysis, examing the patient symptoms presented in the case study. Be sure to address the following:
Explain anemia and the different kinds of anemia (i.e., micro and macrocytic).
Written Expression and Formatting – Paragraph Development and Organization:
Paragraphs make clear points that support well-developed ideas, flow logically, and demonstrate continuity of ideas. Sentences are carefully focused—neither long and rambling nor short and lacking substance. A clear and comprehensive purpose statement and introduction are provided that delineate all required criteria.
In your paper:
Please use references that have been published in the past 5 years. Please use primary research and references rather than patient webpages. Mayo Clinic is not a scholarly resource.
Please make sure to include an in-text citation for all non-original assertions. A non-original assertion is any information you obtained from a source. For example, you learned about cytokines and infection from a source; you need to cite that source. At a minimum, cite the initial sentence and the last sentence of the paragraph if it relates to the disease that you are discussing. You do not have to cite the actual case study that was posted.
Please follow the correct APA (7th edition)
Please avoid the use of the first person in your case studies.
Please remember to include an introduction and conclusion in your papers. Please also be sure to include a purpose statement for the paper (i.e. “The purpose of this paper is to…”).
The response includes an accurate, complete, detailed, and specific explanation of the process of immunosuppression and the effect it has on body systems.
Written Expression and Formatting – English Writing Standards: Correct grammar, mechanics, and proper punctuation.