Learning Goal: I’m working on a history writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.
>>>hello, read this article pleas and make primary source analyses. please be vary specific. look at the sample sheet.
>>>After finishing the paper pleas answer these three questions in general. and give me some comment on my peers answer.
1-How is the history you’ve learned in this class different from what you knew before? If it is, does that matter?
2-Why does this course or its content matter? – Answer that question in any number of ways: to you, to society (whatever society that may be), to UofSC, etc.
3-In the age of STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine), what is the role of a history class like this one in a UofSC student’s education?
##ANSWER1: After going through this course, it made me realize that most things I have learned throughout my life have been fast claims. Prior to this course, I believed Africa was mostly rural areas with small villages. I was pleased to find out I was wrong and Africa is filled with history, cities, deserts, villages, and much more. I had little to none knowledge on African history before but this course taught me a lot regarding the factual history behind everything I did learn and made me wonder what other false information I was given. The truth matters because without it, there would be no recognition, no standards held, and nothing factual to go off of for the future.
##Answer 2: This course and its content matters because it shares the truth. Throughout our whole lives, we have been fed a version of history that is not complete and is not truthful concerning the history of our African brothers and sisters. It matters to me because I want to be able to rewrite all the incorrect stereotypes in my head that I have learned throughout my education. It matters to our society because we deserve to be fed truth and not lies about those around us. It matters to many African societies because it is their lives, their heritage and their legacy. When we are being told lies of history concerning Africa, we are erasing and hiding the influence and impact Africans have made throughout the years. It matters to UofSC because the school would be doing students an injustice if this course wasn’t taught. It is brave and courageous of the university to offer a course that seeks to erase stereotypes and not true history.
## ANSWER 3: STEM initiatives are important for advancing the future by learning and discovering new things, but history helps us advance our future by examining our past, learning from it, and making up for it. Like any other history class, this class provides students the opportunity to learn more about the history of the world; unlike any other history class, however, this class changes perspectives of people and places that still exist. It gives students the tools to change their perspectives and reexamine everything they’ve learned up until taking this class. I feel like STEM and the arts and humanities are often seen as two opposite ends of the education spectrum, but they work a lot more closely together than apart (an example of this being Africans of the past contributing to world medicine today).