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Week 3: Creating a Block Diagram
Week 3
Lab: Block Diagram Project (70 points)
In this project, you will be planning the Emergency Department Information System for Medical Center at DeVry.
Using Microsoft Visio, you will draw a block diagram that identifies the information system environment, boundaries, inputs, outputs, component parts, and relationships among components. The system consists of a computerized encounter form, automated triage system, bed assignment system, and scheduling system. Your diagram will show how the components interact with each other in various ways.
In order to access Microsoft Visio, you must log into the Citrix Lab. You will click on the Microsoft Office 2010. Applications and then Microsoft Visio 2010. If you own Microsoft Visio 2010, you may use your own personal copy; however, please be certain that it is the 2010 version because this is the only acceptable file format for submission.
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