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Discussion Activity 7: FEDERAL LEGISLATION (20 POINTS)You are to use Congress Official Site to obtain a copy of a piece of legislation (bill) before the current Congress. You will be in the current Congress. Click on the link on Current Congress. Enter a word or phrase in the Word/Phrase section such as homeland security, energy, Medicare reform, prescription drugs, Iran, etc.
Select a bill of your choice. Click on Summary or Text. Then click on Actions on the bill which includes sponsor, title, and status of bill (where bill is in the Congress or if the President has signed the bill into law) and copy (CTR C) and paste (CTL V) the link as your reference. If you learn that your bill has passed the House or Senate, you can go click on CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, and read the debate on the bill on the floor of the House or Senate.
In the Discussion Forum, “The Monocle,” you will identify a piece of Federal legislation by number on bill and author/sponsor, and provide a short title and summary of your bill. State whether you would support the legislation if you had an opportunity to vote on it in the U. S. Congress and explain why. Your posted response must be no longer than two or three paragraphs. After you post your essay, then provide a short comment on a classmates’ legislation, i.e., as a member of Congress would you vote “yes” or “nay” on the bill and and briefly explain why. Your comment need only be a few sentences in length. Please note the reference(s) you used in preparing your posting at the end of your posting. You must post your summary of the bill, how you would vote on your selected piece of federal legislation as well as your comment on another classmates’ bill.