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Discussion Activity 8: EVALUATION OF CURRENT PRESIDENT iN ROLES PLAYED BY A MODERN PRESIDENT – – (20 POINTS)In the Discussion Forum , “The Monocle,” you will evaluate the current President in two (2) of the following roles: crisis manager (international and domestic), image builder, morale builder, agenda setter, political/legislative coalition builder, recruiter, or administrator. The evaluation of the President should be no more than a short paragraph for each role. In your posted response give the President a grade: A, B, C, D, or F in each role you choose to evaluate him in and provide at least one example for each role. The evaluation you provide is to be your opinion backed up by example(s). Please note the reference(s) you used in preparing your posting at the end of your posting.
In order to complete this activity, read closely the President I and II topics in this course.
Please complete the survey, “Evaluation of President in Roles”: before going to the Discussion Forum to participate in Discussion Activity 8. To complete the survey, go to the Lessons tab, then click on the Presidency II lesson and locate “Evaluation of President in Roles.” The survey must be completed to get credit for Discussion Activity 8.
In the survey, you will evaluate the current President in the roles of crisis manager (international and domestic), image builder and morale builder, agenda setter, and political/legislative coalition builder, recruiter, and administrator and grade him in each role. This evaluation will give you the opportunity to evaluate the current President in these roles and to provide your opinion supported by example(s).