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Discussion Activity 6: ROLE-PLAY AS HOUSE OR SENATE PARTY OFFICER (20 POINTS)Select and research a current party officer/leader and role-play as that party officer/leader during an online discussion. You will chose to role-play as one of the following party officers in the House or Senate:
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
House or Senate Majority Leader
House or Senate Minority Leader
House or Senate Majority Whips
House or Senate Minority Whips.
You can get information about a party officer in the U.S. House of Representatives website, click on Leadership Offices and choose your House party officer. If you wish to write on a Senate party officer go the website, click on Senators, then Leadership and choose your party officer. Please review the appropriate lessons in the course about responsibilities for the specific responsibilities of the House and Senate party leaders.
In the Discussion Forum , “The Monocle,” introduce yourself as a current party officer and share with other students’ information about the party officer – -biographical information, issues of concern to the party officer, and responsibilities of their leadership position. Please note the reference(s) you used in preparing your posting at the end of your posting. Your posted response must be no longer than two paragraphs!