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Please respond to the following in separate paragraphs:
1) Based on the discussion preparation scenario, evaluate the significance of a needs analysis in terms of addressing business performance.
To achieve high-quality performance, organizations have to understand and match job requirements and people. This understanding requires job analysis, the process of getting detailed information about jobs. Analyzing jobs and understanding what is required to carry out a job provides essential knowledge for staffing, training, performance appraisal, and many other HR activities. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2014.)
The Geneva Labor Office (2005) goes one step further by provides separate definitions for job analysis and work analysis. Job analysis refers to a detailed and systematic process of breaking down work performed into a number of separate tasks and duties (Heron, 2005). Work analysis is related to job analysis but is wider in scope; it involves looking at an individual job to identify the individual tasks involved as well as several or many jobs at the same time (Heron, 2005).
While both job analysis and work analysis is defined and systematic, the outcome is extremely different. Whereas work analysis identifies potential new jobs and the need to reorganize or restructure, job analysis identifies tasks and duties or a particular job. Research shows that the creation of a job description is the most essential part of the job analysis workflow, as the job description and job specification both stem from the analysis.
2) Respond to Classmates post:
Hi Professor and class,
The needs analysis is so important in any form of business because it does a “tempurature check” to determine how well the business is doing and what areas of the business needs improvement. It literally determines what needs the business has and solutions to work towards achieving those needs. This will help the business perform better overall. In this scenario, the needs analysis found that individual analysis should be conducted for every employee. This will show what each individual employee values and their skill set, which will in turn help the manager to place them in roles that may better suit them. The outcome will be improvement on an individual basis for all employees, which then results in improvement in overall performance for the whole team.