Assignment 1 focuses on Kutubiyya Mosque, Marrakesh, Morocco
For this assignment, you will produce two separate boards, each measuring 11 X 17. using powerpoint
1-One board will be devoted to the description of your building, 2- second board will be devoted to the spatial analysis of your building. (THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS SO PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POINT)
3- last one, Make a list of all the sources you consult for the text and organize them in a Bibliography using the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines. The Bibliography should not be included in the board, but rather listed separately in (8.5 X 11) word document sheet.
I have attached the pdf assignment sheet to see the full instructions in detail. please follow the instructions very very carefully and apply every single detail listed by the professor in the 11×17″ 2 boards.
Also, to make it easier for you I have attached example boards in another pdf file to see how the assignment must look like and how to organize it, also to see how the student did the description part and the analysis part. you can follow the same format in the example boards.
please pay attention to the details