Kelly’s personal construct theory of personality differs from others presented throughout this module. Kelly believed that each person creates a set of cognitive constructs about the environment. By that, he meant that people interpret and organize the events and social relationships of their lives in a system or pattern. It is through this personal pattern that people try to predict and control the events in their lives. He proposed that the way to understand someone’s personality is to examine his or her personal constructs. As you respond to the following 2 questions think through Kelly’s theory for personal applications.
1. Describe Kelly’s personal construct theory and discuss the concept of constructive alternativism.
2. Identify the fundamental postulate of personal construct theory. List, briefly describe, and provide an example of the 11 corollaries of the personal construct theory, which help in anticipating life events.
Instructions: Create your response in a word document with a minimum word count of 300-350 per per question. Copy and paste the question and then create your response. Be specific with addressing factual points from the readings to back up your thoughts. Include in text citations and a reference citation at the end of your response, which includes the text and any outside sources in APA format. Include an APA cover page.