Leaders will research and critique a peer-reviewed journal article for its relevancy to policy in education. Critique the article in terms of its content, utility, and applicability for educational leaders. Consider finding policy topics that could support your Education Policy Proposal White Paper. If you are struggling to find peer-reviewed journals on education policy topics, consider this website link as one of your resources: https://epaa.asu.edu/index.php/epaa (Links to an external site.)
The critique should be 1.5 – 2 pages in length, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, size 12 font. It should include the elements listed below. See attached Journal Article Critique Example and Rubric prior to submission.
• Your name
• Reference entry for the article, APA format
• The topic to which the article relates
• A brief summary of the article
• A descriiption of the article’s relevance for Educational Leaders who seek to better understand policy in education.
• Your evaluation of the article in terms of its content, utility, and applicability.